08 Ноября 2018

The first premiere of the 5th anniversary season started in the “Astana Ballet”

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The first premiere of the 5th anniversary season started in the “Astana Ballet”

Last weekend, on 2nd and 3rd November, the scene of the capital theater, literally, came to life again. Ten dancers under the direction of the famous American choreographer from the USA, Nicolo Fonte, showed the new neoclassical one-act ballet “Love’s Lost Idols” to the music of the Italian composer Ezio Bosso.

Through multidimensional, expressive, and sometimes even extreme language of dance, they seemed to tell the audience: “Live here and now! There is only one moment of life. All you need to do is feel a sharp push to action. ” For half an hour, the ballet dancers answered to the daily philosophical questions of each guests: “How not to stop living and loving, knowing that all this will ever end?”. The performance broke the squall of applause, the hall literally demanded continuation.

We are pleased that a new choreographic language will appear in our repertoire. Very expressive and speaking. I think the message comes from the magical music of Ezio Bosso. The movement of ballet soloists is their revelation in their monologues and dialogues. They express the essence and idea of the choreographer. For me, the idea of a choreographer lies in the infinity of the contradictions of the most beautiful and main feeling of humanity - love”, - says Mukaram Avakhri.

The invited choreographer of the “Astana Ballet” Theater, Ricardo Amarante, emphasized that he and Nicolo Fonte worked several times in Europe and witnessed how the public reacted violently to his productions.

Usually, after his performances, the rapid growth of the company is noticed. Because it makes artists grow, work, and learn ”, - he shared his impressions of a colleague.

It should be noted, that the troupe’s first meeting with the choreographer took place in New York during the last year’s theater tours. After seeing the program of the group, Fonte shared a positive impression about the professional level of the theater, noted the beauty and vitality of the dancers. Later it was decided to create an original production, made specially for our team, which not every troupe manages to achieve.

During the work with Nicolo Fonte, we got a great experience. He was not only “molding” us, but was also listening and asking what we feel, what kind of impulses music gives to our body. These are not the classic lines that we used to see, these are other, slightly broken lines associated with the sculpture. It has its own beauty. In the production you find yourself in a completely new image. Your body merges with the music and starts expressing something else, not what you used to do. We will try to convey all the emotions invested in the work of the choreographer”, - said the leading soloist of the theater Tatyana Ten.

The music of Ezio Bosso, according to the choreographer, has an incredibly “light” darkness, comparable to the inner light that seeks a crack in the wall in order to finally be freed.

According to the leading soloist of the theater, Aizhan Mukatova, despite the difficult choreography of the performance, it was interesting to work with an American choreographer.

He is a very emotional choreographer, he shows everything and explains well. He quickly found contact with the artists”, - she told about the preparations for the performance.

In parallel with the one-act ballet “Love’s Lost Idols” by Nicolo Fonte, viewers have seen George Balanchine’s one-act ballet “Serenade” to the music of Serenade for Pyotr Tchaikovsky's string orchestra.

This ballet, staged by Balanchine in America, is recognized as a masterpiece of neoclassical choreography. With all the outward simplicity of the Serenade is very complex in technical, musical and stylistic terms and causes aesthetic excitement in the hearts of the audience from touching the beautiful and timeless art.

In this ballet, the dancers simply move to the great music. The only plot of the ballet is the music of the serenade, if you wish, it is a dance under the moon”, - the ballet's creator himself noted.

The premiere in “Astana Ballet” took place on May 25, 2017. The ballet itself was prepared in collaboration with the George Balanchine Foundation and performed in accordance with the standards of style and technique.

The next premiere, which will be shown on the stage of the capital theater, may be “Beibars”. The staging work, where the choreographer is the chief choreographer of Astana Ballet, has already begun.

The performance is in two acts, with unfolded base plot. This is a kind of experiment where artistic and stage decisions will be on an equal footing. I think it will be like a kinoballet. We hope that this will give our scene an unusual experience. The main goal is to immerse the viewer into the atmosphere of a story about a person who has gone from a warrior-slave to a ruler”, - she noted.

The press service of the theater noted that the date of the premiere of "Beibars" will soon be known.


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